Q: I am a co-chair of a junior faculty research roundtable. Can you give me some suggestions on how to keep it engaging for all the members?

Q: I have recently been appointed to the position of co-chair for my university’s Junior Faculty Research Roundtable (JFRR). JFRR is a forum for untenured library faculty to discuss their research ideas, concerns, and experiences. I have been brainstorming ideas on how to keep this roundtable engaging for all of the members. Can someone offer suggestions? … Continue reading

Q: What is the best education for a Library Associate to pursue in order to work in the children’s department?

Q: I have seven years of experience running the teen department (programming, outreach, cataloging, and collection development), as well as assisting with all children’s programs and story times at a public library, as a Library Aide. I actually started the teen department as there was not one previously. I loved my job but we had to move for … Continue reading