Q: Where do I go to find vacancy announcements for librarian positions?

Q: Where do I go to find vacancy announcements for librarian positions?

A:  My experience lies primarily with recruitment in an academic setting, so my suggestions will focus on those resources.  There are a lot of free places to advertise these days that provide quick and easy access to a large population of job seekers.  Listserves and websites are the most common sources of advertising these days.  I would recommend joining specialized listserves that focus on the areas of librarianship you are interested in, for example ACRL, Autocat for catalogers, Serialist for serials specialists, Cons DistList for conservation…  I would also recommend your graduate school alumni listserv if your school has one– I know that we post a lot of our jobs to our local graduate school alumni list.  You may also want to check out a few websites.  Specifics ones that we use are ARL (arl.org) and LISJobs.com, as well as the general state library association website.  And of course, if you have a specific institution that you are interested in, check their employment opportunities website often to see what’s currently available.

We rarely use print advertising because it can be rather slow and expensive.  That said, you still may want to take a look at a few professional journals to see what kind of opportunities they are showcasing.

Anyone else have ideas?  All suggestions welcome!

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