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Q: I accepted an entry-level academic position with tuition assistance, but I’m miserable. Should I suck it up and stick it out, or should I try to find a position elsewhere?

Q: So I have a dilemma here. I accepted an entry-level position at an academic library earlier this year. I just graduated last year, and was very excited to get my foot in the door towards my dream career in librarianship. The place I work at is very casual and relaxed and, as common with university positions, provides tuition assistance … Continue reading

Q: What is the best education for a Library Associate to pursue in order to work in the children’s department?

Q: I have seven years of experience running the teen department (programming, outreach, cataloging, and collection development), as well as assisting with all children’s programs and story times at a public library, as a Library Aide. I actually started the teen department as there was not one previously. I loved my job but we had to move for … Continue reading

Q: Where do I look for home-based cataloging jobs?

Q: I have a MIS and M.Ed. School Library Media. I have 6 years’ experience as a university/college librarian, mainly cataloging periodicals and academic materials. I also have 5 years’ experience as an elementary school librarian. I love cataloging. I was thinking of finding a cataloging job I can do from home (online). Can you … Continue reading