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Q&A: Should I get the MLIS?

Posted by Ellen Mehling Q: I am 44 years old and live in New Jersey. I have decided to change careers and want to pursue my lifelong dream of working in a library, preferably as a librarian. The only licensing/degree requirements in our state at this time is for librarians (MLIS) and not any college, … Continue reading

Q: How can I get my start in a public library?

Q: Aside from volunteering, what are some ways that a relatively recent MLIS graduate might get their start in a public library, even if they don’t have a lot of experience working in a library yet? Thank you. EM: You have the right idea with volunteering as a way to start and you’re also correct in thinking there … Continue reading

How I Got My First Job: Dr. Sarah Clark

Interviewed by Ellen Mehling EM: What was your first professional position? SC: I was promoted from a paraprofessional position to Access Services and Distance Learning Librarian at Rogers State University, shortly after I finished my MLIS at the University of Oklahoma. EM: How did you get it? SC: I’d like to think most of it … Continue reading

Q:How do you prepare for a phone interview?

Q: How do you prepare for a phone interview? Is the preparation different than for a face-to-face interview? Are phone interviews always just screening, to see who gets a face-to-face interview? EM: The preparation is mostly the same – do research on the employer and salary for that kind of work in that area, and … Continue reading