How I Got My First Job: Kim Dority

Interviewed by Ellen Mehling EM: What was your first professional position? KD: I was a copy editor and copywriter for Libraries Unlimited, a publisher of reference books and textbooks for the library profession. EM: How did you get it? KD: Libraries Unlimited was located where I lived and where I was completing my MLIS (Denver), … Continue reading

Advice I Give All The Time…

(…to which there is sometimes resistance!) By Ellen Mehling I’ve been advising job hunters, including librarians and library school students, for over ten years. As you might imagine, there are pieces of advice I give again and again, whether in an individual advising session or during a workshop for a group, and for some of … Continue reading

How I Got My First Job: Jackie Kilberg

Interviewer: Ellen Mehling EM: What was your first professional position? JK: Accounting Librarian at Price Waterhouse now called PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC). EM: How did you get it? JK: I built a relationship with the individual who ran the Career Services department at the library school I was attending. It was then called Rutgers University – School of … Continue reading

How I Got my First Job: Natalie Cannestra

How I Got my First Job: Natalie Cannestra We are pleased to announce a new series on Library Career People: “How I Got My First Job”, brief interviews with different kinds of info pros about their experiences (and advice!) re: landing that first professional position. Here’s our very first one: Interviewer: Ellen Mehling EM: What … Continue reading

Q: How much responsibility is too much?

Q: I am currently employed as a librarian trainee in an Institution of Accountancy with Bachelor Degree level of Library science. My problem is we were given some certificate and diploma courses to teach and those courses are not from the Library science field. They are mainly in Information Science. It has been hard for me to … Continue reading

Q: I want to be an academic librarian. Will my current job help my goal, are online degree programs viewed the same as in-person ones, and what qualifications will I need?

Q: Whilst studying for my PhD I began working part time in a university library, and discovered just how much I love it! I have an undergraduate degree and masters in media and creative writing, and I had been pursuing the PhD because of my love of academic research and education, and to be truthful … Continue reading