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Q: What can I do to better my chances at landing a job in a library? Is there a way I can get more library related experience to put on my resume that would possibly help me in the future? Sincerely, Bummed Bookworm

Q:  In December of 2008, I completed an MLIS degree from a fairly well-respected state university. The whole time I was in library school (2.5 years) I worked as a circulation clerk in a medium-sized public library which is part of a three county system. When it came close to graduation, I started applying for … Continue reading

Top 5 Tips for Job Hunting in Tough Times

In case you haven’t heard (or experienced first hand) we’re in a tough economic period and that has people looking for jobs, or rethinking the one they have.  We’ve been getting a lot of emails recently asking for very specific help on finding jobs.  Unfortunately, we can’t answer each and every individual email, but we … Continue reading